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Assembly workers for plastic industry

We are looking for ASSEMBLY WORKERS to work in permanent positions in MSK Plast Oy's reaction casting unit.

The job includes subassembly for painted parts, packing, and quality assurance. Working time is 40 h / week on each business day of the week.

We do not expect you to have certain training or experience, so it is easy to join us. Instead, we expect you to be a motivated team player who is willing to learn and has a prompt attitude to getting things done. The job requires good basic physical condition and attentiveness to your own work to guarantee high product quality. During the first working days you will get a thorough induction to your tasks.

Work starts in August 2021 with induction. Join us - in addition to the Biisoni staff benefits, you will be eligible for the extensive leisure time benefits of MSK Plast Oy.

We are here for you, so contact us by phone, email, or check out what people are saying about us as an employer. We want to persuade you to apply for this job! Please act right away, as we will fill the jobs as soon as we find suitable applicants.

At MSK Plast Oy's request, please contact Biisoni in all matters:

Mervi Lammi, p.0504630478, mervi.lammi@biisoni.fi
Työ alkaa
august 2021
Palkattavien lukumäärä
Työn kesto
Yli 12 kuukautta
Työsuhteen tyyppi
Työsuhteen tyyppi
Vuokratyöpaikka, Vakituinen työ
Datan lähde
Te palvelut
Tärkeimmät tiedot työpaikasta
Työpaikan sijainti
Savenvalajantie 13-15, 85500, NIVALA, Finland
Haku päättyy
Mervi Lammi, p. 0504630478, mervi.lammi@biisoni.fi
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