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Vientimyyjä, SB Ecommerce Group Oy, Lahti

Visual Content Creator

Freddy is an Italian sports and fashion brand founded in 1976. Freddy has a full collection of sport and loungewear for women, men and children. Nowadays Freddy is best known for their patented WR.UP® technology, which has changed the whole woman's clothing industry. SB Ecommerce Group Oy handles all wholesale, online and social media marketing of the brand in Finland, Germany, Austria and the Baltic and is the official ecommerce seller in these countries through the webstores www.freddystore.fi and www.freddywear.de. Warehousing, shipments and customer service are managed at our business premises in Lahti and Staufenberg.

We are looking for a Visual Content Creator to strengthen our cheerful Freddy team in Lahti. Your main goal in this role is to create and publish visual and inspiring content for Freddy's social media. Editing comes easily to you - lots of our content is from our influencers in Germany, so you have some fresh ideas to cut it, rejoin it and make eye-popping, addictive snapshots and videos for Instagram and Facebook. You can also create your own content, like photos and short videos easily with your phone or maybe even with heavier equipment. Your job also includes writing short text snippets, but you don't need to be a copywriter in this role - basic writing skills work just fine.

Are you a fashion loving, marketing inspired soul, who has a great visual eye? Have you ever dreamed of becoming an international Freddy influencer? Sounds like you might be a good fit for us! We would be very pleased, if you are also happily in front of the camera and film yourself in our products - but this is not a requirement to apply for the job. For this role the main demand is strong English and German skills. Your English needs to at least good enough that you can communicate easily in the office and fulfill all your daily tasks as our content creator. If you can also handle all this in German, welcome aboard! We are looking for an independent, curious mind, who seeks new ways to be seen in today's flood of content. You may have but do not necessarily need a background in fashion or marketing, but we expect you to be an active social media user and have some view from our field.

We have some seriously bubbly characters, some quiet ones, and some in between - we welcome all kinds of people and personalities to join our diverse community. You will be working closely with SB Ecommerces marketing team and the whole Freddy team, where you have about 7 colleagues making Freddy stand out in the web and social media. We expect you to join us here in Lahti. After you are fully onboard partial remote working is also an option, but note that you should be able to come to the office at least 2-3 times a week. Luckily, we have the nicest working environment and the coolest work friends that you could ask for, so we think you will be happy to work here!

Our whole community includes currently about 30 people working under different brands, online stores and companies. We could be described as a youthful, relaxed, positive and driven crew. We have the tendency to make work fun and hang out with each other even after the working hours. With us, you have the opportunity to grow and pick up new skills while working. We believe that the most important thing is to find the right fit for our company culture - you can learn to do the job, but the attitude has to come with you. Are you the person we are looking for? Let's find it out together!
Työ alkaa
Koulutus alkaa 29.09.2022
Palkattavien lukumäärä
Työn kesto
Yli 12 kuukautta
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Työsuhteen tyyppi
Vakituinen työ
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Työpaikan sijainti
Aleksanterinkatu 26, 15140 LAHTI, Finland
Haku päättyy
Paikka täytetään osana Hämeen Vientivirittämö -kasvuohjelman RekryKoulutusta. Tavoitteena on, että osaaja palkataan yrityksen palvelukseen onnistuneen kasvuohjelman päätteeksi. Tutustu Hämeen Vientivirittämö -kasvuohjelmaan ja hae mukaan mennessä 29.8.: https://bang.fi/vientivirittamo/ More information: Emma Kolppanen Aava & Bang Oy virittamo@bang.fi 040 5130 206

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