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Painters, 4 paikkaa, RD Technology Center Oy, Vieremä

Are you a painter RD Technology is looking for?

RD Group currently employs about 120 technology professionals at four different plants in Vieremä and Kiuruvesi. RD Group is strongly involved in the production and development of leading companies operating in the international market, bringing added value to them with its own expertise. Long-term customer relationships have created the basis for sound business operations. Occupational safety and well-being of employees are important to us. We also want to develop from these perspectives.

If you have the right working attitude, feel free to contact us!

What we expect from you:
-motivation for new learning and an active approach to independent work
-some experience for working as a painter

What we offer:
-motivating salary and excellent working environment
-opportunity to work both independently and in a team
-fulltime job, year round
-education and courses to improve your professional skills
-language courses
-practical help to settle down in Finland: apartment, registration, taxes, telephone subscription etc.
-we will also help, if you want to bring your family with
-Safe and natural place to live for you and your family. Also costs of living are affordable compared example to the southern parts of Finland. Everything is close by you: Hobbies, schools, shops, childcare etc

To get to know more about working at RD Group in Finland, watch this TE-live broadcast recording from 5th of October 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAo9vkBO08U&t=2199s.

Applications and more information:

Job applications can be sent to eures.pohjois-savo@te-toimisto.fi with the title "RD Group".

Get to know company: https://rdgroup.fi/
About Vieremä: https://www.vierema.fi/fi/Kuntainfo/In-English

Other important information:

Work in Finland: https://www.tepalvelut.fi/te/en/jobseekers/finding_job/work_finland/index.html
Welcome to Finland:
What is EURES and what it can do for you?
You can apply for financial support through EURES. For example:
-The interview expenses reimbursement up to 100-350 euros depending on the distance
-Reimbursement due to relocation or move to the new country after the job has been secured 700-1400 euros, depending on the country of destination
-Reimbursement for recognition of qualifications according to actual costs up to 1000 euros
For more information contact your local EURES adviser: https://ec.europa.eu/eures/public/en/eures-in-your-country

Your EURES contact in Kuopio: Samuli Miettinen, Samuli.miettinen@te-toimisto.fi
Your VeKO contact (assistance and advice in integration matters): Tanja Manner, Tanja Manner, tanja.manner@springhouse.fi

COVID 19 information:
Työ alkaa
As agreed/ Winter 2022
Palkattavien lukumäärä
Työn kesto
Yli 12 kuukautta
Työsuhteen tyyppi
Työsuhteen tyyppi
Vakituinen työ
Datan lähde
Tärkeimmät tiedot työpaikasta
Työpaikan sijainti
74200 VIEREMÄ, Finland
Haku päättyy

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