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Varhaiskasvatuksen Lähihoitaja - Daycare teacher, Phoenix Partners Ky, Laugh&Learn Playschool, Pohjois-Haaga, Helsinki, Helsinki

Laugh&Learn Playschool is looking for a qualified daycare teacher, nursery nurse or equivalent qualificaiton (lähihoitaja, sosionomi, lastentarhanopettaja, etc.) to join our team! The candidate must be fluent in either English or Finnish (preferably both).

Only qualified candidates will be consided for the position.

If interested in the position, please email your cv and qualifications (accepted by the Finnish Education Ministry) to info@laughandlearnplayschool.fi

Working with children requires an extract from criminal records according to Criminal Records Act 6 § 2 mom

About us
Laugh&Learn Playschool is a new English playschool for 3-7 year olds, providing high quality full-time daycare in the Pohjois-Haaga area of Helsinki. L&L serves native-English speaking children, as well as ones learning English as a second language.
Our name states our motto... Laugh and Learn! We emphasize learning in a fun loving environment. We have large, modern bright facilities and up-to-date philosophies on daycare teaching.

Qualities we are looking for in our teachers:

- Excellent communication skills, working together with children, parents and colleagues.
- Creativity for planning activities and engaging children in fun learning.
- Interpersonal skills to understand children's physical and emotional needs, and an ability to develop good relationships with them.
- Good organization skills and flexibility in working with others.
- Working with young children requires patience at times, as well as physical stamina to keep up with all the fun.
- Laughter! We believe that we learn best when we are having fun and have a positive out look on life.

Working with children requires an extract from criminal records according to Criminal Records Act (770/1993) 6 § 2 mom.

Please contact us by email only.
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Yli 12 kuukautta
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Ida Aalbergin Tie 4, 00400 HELSINKI, Finland
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Please contact us by email only, at info@laughandlearnplayschool.fi.

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